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SF Gate, 9/26/17: SF ethics panel blocks political trading ban

San Francisco Chronicle, 8/27/17: New California law aims to stop spread of bedbugs

San Francisco Examiner, 7/27/17: The big lie about California’s housing crisis

San Francisco Examiner, 7/23/17: How owner move-in reform will affect SF tenants and landlords

Curbed San Francisco, 7/19/17: SF non-profits can now sue other people’s landlords over evictions

Bay Area Reporter, 7/6/17: SF supes pass eviction legislation

San Francisco Examiner, 7/2/17: Inclusionary housing is a lasting legacy policy

Bay City News, 6/27/17: San Francisco targets fake owner move-in evictions

CBS SF Bay Area, (Also SFist) 6/26/17: San Francisco Tries To Tackle Fraudulent Owner Move-In Evictions

48 Hills, 6/25/17: Almost half the OMI evictors failed to follow city rules

KPFA, 6/13/17: Trump, Russia, and Eviction in San Francisco

48 Hills, 6/12/17: Tenants protest Farrell’s move to block effective anti-eviction bill

Beyond Chron, 6/1/17: Conventions Aim to Galvanize SF Tenants

Bay Area Reporter, 5/25/17: News Briefs: Tenants convention planned for Castro

48 Hills, 5/23/17: In historic vote, Democratic Party supports rent control

48 Hills, 5/8/17: Mayor’s supply-side housing plan advances

Hoodline, 5/2/17: Airbnb, HomeAway Settle Lawsuit Against City

NBC Bay Area, 4/28/17: Investigative Unit Reporting Spurs Government Hearing on Fraudulent Evictions

Curbed San Francisco, 4/17/17: San Francisco rent laws your landlord probably doesn’t want you to know

Hoodline, 4/5/17: Supervisors Introduce Legislation To Fight Fraudulent Owner Move-In Evictions

(Toronto) Metro News, 2/28/17: When it comes to rent control laws, here’s how Toronto stacks up

San Francisco Examiner, 2/27/17: Clash in Sacramento over state versus local control for housing development

San Francisco Bay View, 2/23/17: Landlord moves all of 100-year-old Iris Canada’s household belongings from her home without notice while she’s in hospital

San Francisco Examiner, 2/5/17: Three things to know about warehouses and illegal spaces

San Francisco Bay Guardian, 1/5/17: Putting tenants first in the Democratic Party

48 Hills, 1/4/17: Can Mayor Lee be part of an Airbnb compromise?

48 Hills, 12/28/16: Five ways to fight illegal Airbnb units

Hoodline, 12/24/16: New District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer Talks Affordable Housing, Transit, Education, More

San Francisco Examiner, 12/9/16: Attacking Sierra Club won’t solve housing crisis

48 Hills, 11/27/16: The Agenda, Nov. 28-Dec. 4: An honest tenant scorecard

SFist, 11/14/16: One In Four Owner Move-In Evictions Could Be Fraudulent According To New Investigation

Business Wire, 11/8/16: ShareBetter SF Cheers Federal Court Decision Upholding SF Ordinance Regulating Airbnb, Short-Term Rental Platforms

Truthout, 11/4/16: Gay Neoliberal Candidate in San Francisco Disproves Myths About LGBT Values

48 Hills, 11/1/16: The sleaze reaches high tide in SF election

I Agree to See, 11/1/16: Where California State Senate Candidate Jane Kim Gets the Strength to Fight

SF Chronicle, 10/26/16: Wiener alters old Guardian cover — former editor not amused

SF Examiner, 10/25/16: Scott Wiener twisting a dead man’s words in election mailers is the last straw

KTVU, 10/25/16: Wiener, Kim State Senate Race ‘nastier’ than anticipated

San Francisco Chronicle, 10/24/16: SF District 9 supervisor candidates pledge to listen to residents

San Francisco Chronicle, 10/23/16: Powerful interest groups funding Wiener-Kim state Senate race

48 Hills, 10/20/16: Scott Wiener’s deceitful Guardian mailing

SF Gate (and SFist), 10/19/16: Airbnb bans hosts with multiple listings in SF

48 Hills, 10/4/16: Bernie Sanders group endorses Dean Preston for supervisor

San Francisco Examiner, 10/2/16: Too little, too late

San Francisco Chronicle, 9/25/16: London Breed, Dean Preston argue personal, political in race

San Francisco Magazine, 9/23/16: The Gangs of City Hall

Beyond Chron, 9/6/16: SF Races in Home Stretch

48 Hills, 8/28/16: The agenda, Aug. 29-Sept 4: What if Ed Lee decides to step down …

Beyond Chron, 8/8/16: Unpacking SF Campaign Donations

SF Gate (and SFist), 7/12/16: San Francisco tenant paying three times as much rent two weeks after partner commits suicide

Peninsula Press, 7/11/16: Tenants in San Francisco’s Mission, Sunset neighborhoods get most eviction notices

San Francisco News, 7/7/16: Tech Tax Proposed By SF Board Supervisors

Inc., 7/1/16: The Tech Industry’s Silent Fight Over San Francisco’s Proposed ‘Tech Tax’

Residential Property Manager, 7/1/16: Friday Funnies: Landlord more than quadruples rent for no reason

New York Daily News, 6/27/16: San Francisco resident faces rent increase of more than $6K for apartment in building made famous by Clint Eastwood’s ‘The Dead Pool’ (also Turkish American News), 6/26/16: Story of Neil Hutchinson shows insanity of San Francisco’s rental market

ABC 7 News, 6/24/16: San Francisco Man Fights Eviction After Rent Increase from $1,800 per Month to $8,000

SF Gate, 6/20/16: Housing advocates speak out against evictions with block party

Hoodline, 6/19/16: Votes On Dueling Plans Reveal What SF Supervisors Really Believe About Housing Solutions

SF Bay, 6/2/16: Airbnb host legislation advances to Board of Supervisors

Quartz, 5/18/16: Sorry renters, landlords are auctioning off their apartments online

Mission Local, 5/14/16: Elderly Woman Saved from SF Mission Eviction

The Guardsmen, 5/12/16: Anti-Gentrification Teach–In Preaches in Numbers

San Francisco Bay Guardian, 5/10/16: ENDORSEMENTS: Kim for state Senate, Sanders for President, Yes on C …

Beyond Chron, 5/5/16: Turning Point In Mission Fire Crisis?

The Guardian (US Edition), 4/19/16: Airbnb negotiations with powerful US labor union facing backlash

New York Times, 4/16/16: In Cramped and Costly Bay Area, Cries to Build, Baby, Build

San Francisco Examiner, 4/5/16: Opinion: Schools need teachers; teachers need housing

Newsweek, 3/25/16: One Startup Wants to Speed Buyouts in San Francisco’s Rent-Controlled Units

48 Hills, 3/21/16: The eviction nightmare may be slowing, thanks to tenant advocates

Hoodline, 3/11/16: In Wake Of Fulton Blaze, A Fundraiser And Tips On Dealing With Fires

SF Gate, 3/1/16: $500k for a space the size of seven ping-pong tables? Only in SF

Wired, 2/17/16: SF’s Tech Bus Problem Isn’t About Buses. It’s About Housing

Mission Local and cited by SF Gate, 2/9/16: Protesters Return to Bus Stops as Supes Work Out Tech Shuttle Deal, 2/3/16: Portland Stands Up Against Housing Discrimination and Retaliation

KALW, 1/26/16: Interview: Deepa Varma, the new director of the San Francisco Tenants Union


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