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San Francisco Examiner, 2/19/18: Senate Bill 827 could raise height limits throughout SF, transform city

48 Hills, 2/13/18: Campaign Trail: Breed, SuperPACs and D8 campaign money

International Business Times, 2/10/18: How Will Cryptocurrency Impact The Housing Crisis?

San Francisco Chronicle, 2/6/18: Fewer Airbnbs means good news for SF; now address other short-term-rental problems

48 Hills, 1/30/18: Protecting tenants from ‘renoviction’

48 Hills, 1/22/18: How we beat Airbnb

San Francisco Examiner, 1/16/18: SF tenant advocates aim to eliminate landlord incentives that trigger evictions

48 Hills, 1/11/18: Planning Commission rejects condo application after 100-year-old was evicted

El Tecolote, 1/11/18: Buyouts: almost always a bad idea

San Francisco Chronicle, 12/11/17: SF landlords’ attempts to pass some charges on to tenants face opposition

The Post and Courier, 12/2/17: Yimby movement: Millennials in expensive downtowns saying “Yes in My Back Yard” to new developments they can afford

The Yale Herald, 11/16/17: The Right to a Roof

Potrero View, 11/17: Breaking Up with an Apartment is Hard to Do

SF Weekly, 11/15/17: Right to Counsel

CBS (also KTVU), 11/15/17: San Francisco May Guarantee Evicted Tenants’ Right To Legal Counsel

San Francisco Examiner, 11/6/17: Tenant advocates are cautiously optimistic about Costa Hawkins repeal

San Francisco Examiner, 11/5/17: Tenants find stability under Eviction Protections 2.0

Curbed San Francisco, 11/3/17: Stanford paper says rent control is driving up cost of housing in San Francisco

The Mercury News, 11/2/17: Rent-control policy `likely fueled the gentrification of San Francisco,’ study finds

SF Gate, 9/26/17: SF ethics panel blocks political trading ban

San Francisco Chronicle, 8/27/17: New California law aims to stop spread of bedbugs

San Francisco Examiner, 7/27/17: The big lie about California’s housing crisis

San Francisco Examiner, 7/23/17: How owner move-in reform will affect SF tenants and landlords

Curbed San Francisco, 7/19/17: SF non-profits can now sue other people’s landlords over evictions

Bay Area Reporter, 7/6/17: SF supes pass eviction legislation

San Francisco Examiner, 7/2/17: Inclusionary housing is a lasting legacy policy

Bay City News, 6/27/17: San Francisco targets fake owner move-in evictions

CBS SF Bay Area, (Also SFist) 6/26/17: San Francisco Tries To Tackle Fraudulent Owner Move-In Evictions

48 Hills, 6/25/17: Almost half the OMI evictors failed to follow city rules

KPFA, 6/13/17: Trump, Russia, and Eviction in San Francisco

48 Hills, 6/12/17: Tenants protest Farrell’s move to block effective anti-eviction bill

Beyond Chron, 6/1/17: Conventions Aim to Galvanize SF Tenants

Bay Area Reporter, 5/25/17: News Briefs: Tenants convention planned for Castro

48 Hills, 5/23/17: In historic vote, Democratic Party supports rent control

48 Hills, 5/8/17: Mayor’s supply-side housing plan advances

Hoodline, 5/2/17: Airbnb, HomeAway Settle Lawsuit Against City

NBC Bay Area, 4/28/17: Investigative Unit Reporting Spurs Government Hearing on Fraudulent Evictions

Curbed San Francisco, 4/17/17: San Francisco rent laws your landlord probably doesn’t want you to know

Hoodline, 4/5/17: Supervisors Introduce Legislation To Fight Fraudulent Owner Move-In Evictions

(Toronto) Metro News, 2/28/17: When it comes to rent control laws, here’s how Toronto stacks up

San Francisco Examiner, 2/27/17: Clash in Sacramento over state versus local control for housing development

San Francisco Bay View, 2/23/17: Landlord moves all of 100-year-old Iris Canada’s household belongings from her home without notice while she’s in hospital

San Francisco Examiner, 2/5/17: Three things to know about warehouses and illegal spaces

San Francisco Bay Guardian, 1/5/17: Putting tenants first in the Democratic Party

48 Hills, 1/4/17: Can Mayor Lee be part of an Airbnb compromise?

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