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YIMBYs Debunked

This may be the definitive YIMBY debunking article. Please share wide and far, especially with your friends who may be seduced by the build, build, build argument.

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City College of San Francisco has a wide variety of classes for free. They need enrollment to continue offering classes, so educate yourself or just have fun. Classes range from Ethnic Politics in the US to Beginning Hip Hop Dance.

News   March 2, 2017 Runaway real estate speculation has been filling global capitals with vacant homes, creating artificial shortages in the world’s most sought after cities. The “shortage” has made local home owners wealthy overnight, but it comes at the cost of turning lively cities into empty shells. The city of Paris has decided […]

News Post Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 Author: Miriam Zuk, Ph.D.   Who ever thought rent control would be making a comeback after over 30 years? Especially in California, a state that essentially ended the ability of jurisdictions to apply strict rent controls with the passage of the Costa Hawkins Act in 1995. But lo […]


By Leslie Dreyer, Joseph Smooke and Sarah Sherburn-Zimmer on July 20, 2017 1:00 am Dear YIMBYs, Lobbying for market-rate development without a strategy to keep low-income, senior and disabled tenants in their neighborhoods is pro-displacement, not pro-housing, as your platform implies. Calling for housing deregulation won’t solve our housing crisis; it will simply make rich […]


Led by the San Francisco Tenants Union, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in their final vote to reform owner move-in evictions (OMIs) to allow for enforcement by organizations such as the Tenants Union. Victims of fraud often are unable to enforce the law due to moving out of the area and lack […]

Listen, Yimby!

From Listen, Yimby! What if your market-based model is destined to fail? An open letter from someone who is not a Nimby By Tim Redmond – July 12, 2017 Dear Yimbytown folks: Welcome to the Bay Area, where housing and land-use debates are at the heart of almost all local politics. You’re going […]

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