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Airbnb Restriction Passes

Supervisor Peskin introduced legislation that makes it harder to convert residential hotels to tourist hotels. The full board passed the legislation unanimously on January 31, 2017 with pressure from tenant activists including the Tenants Union.


The Tenants Union has a new Volunteer Director, Layla Stanley, starting February 1, 2017. She has been a volunteer counselor for the Tenants Union since 2011 as well as a community organizer for SF Supervisor campaigns. She can be reached at volunteer [at] sftu [dot] org.

Waterfront Lawsuit

Despite the San Francisco voters’ 59 percent opposition to high luxury condo developments along the waterfront in the 2014 Proposition B vote, former San Francisco Mayor and current California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is suing to overturn Prop B. Both Newsom and current Mayor Lee are strong supporters of luxury development that reduce affordable housing.


Part-time: 15-18 hours/week Senior and Disability Action (SDA) is a citywide nonprofit organization. We mobilize and educate seniors and people with disabilities to fight for individual rights and social justice. Through individual support and collective action, we work together to create a city and world in which seniors and people with disabilities can live well […]

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