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The San Francisco Tenants Union is a membership and donation supported organization. This means we rely almost entirely on the support of our membership base to continue to operate our drop-in clinic, continue our political advocacy, and to protect tenants’ rights in San Francisco.

By becoming a member of the Tenants Union you will:

  • Receive our Tenants Rights Handbook (300+ pages of tenant law and strategies)
  • Get access to telephone counseling.  (Our phone counseling consists of a message line. You will be leaving a message and a counselor will call you back and may leave a message if we do not reach you. It may take weeks to get back to you. We do not have the capacity to provide counseling by email unfortunately.)
  • Have access to the support of our counseling team and information workshops held periodically
Join the growing movement for tenants rights!

Some of the more common problems we help with are:

  • Rent Increases
  • Eviction Attempts (Owner-Move-Ins, Ellis Act Evictions, Etc.)
  • Repairs and Maintenance
Harassment by the Landlord (Invasion of Privacy, Threats, Etc.)
Lease Questions (Roommates/Subletting, Pets, Parking, Storage, Backyard, Etc.)
  • Security Deposits
  • Rent Board Petitions
Tenancies-in-Common/Condo Conversions
  • Organizing Tenants in Your Building

Becoming a member will allow you to be a part of the long history of tenants and housing rights activism in San Francisco.

Join online and we will mail you the member counseling number and the latest handbook. (It can take a month to receive.) Online membership rates for one year (including shipping and handling; you can also pick up the book in person at our office) are:

  • $35 Low Income
$50 Regular
  • $65 Household
  • $85 Sustainer

Or, send payment to San Francisco Tenants Union, 558 Capp St, San Francisco, CA, 94110. We will mail back your handbook and the member’s phone counseling number.

To join please follow the link below.

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