Form a Building Association

Tenants Banding Together

A Tenants Union can be powerful force: the most effective way to work for positive changes in your building is with active, well-organized tenants who look out for each other. Remember that united tenants can accomplish goals that go beyond the basic requirements of the law—and they often do.

Tenants unions have more leverage to negotiate, file complaints with the city and state, get help from elected officials, and go to court. While the landlord may find it easy to ignore individual tenant demands, a group of tenants speaking with one voice may be harder to ignore.

Tenants unions are also a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors, make new friends, and build a healthier community. Building associations make the neighborhood a better place for everyone! Tenant unions strengthen the citywide tenants’ movement, which works to protect and expand tenants’ rights and increase the amount of affordable housing available for all of us.

If you would like our help in forming a building association, please contact us at: info@sftu(dot)org. We can send out counselors for a visit and to give you advice.