Eviction Protection 2.0 Summary

Legislation advocated for and written by the San Francisco Tenants Union strengthening protections from evictions became effective November 9, 2015. The law is in effect for preexisting as well as new tenancies with rent control:

  1. Additional roommates allowed if reasonable, even if in excess of the number of occupants or with subletting restrictions on rental agreement. No rent increase allowed solely for the additional occupants, but the landlord may petition to raise the rent for increased operating expenses.
  2. Illegal residential units are not considered illegal use.
  3. Eviction notices in the primary language of the tenant if it is Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, or Vietnamese, must inform the tenant of a need for a timely response to avoid eviction and the availability of advice from the Rent Board.
  4. The initial rent of a replacement tenant is limited (to the rent of the terminated tenancy except for annual rent increases) for 5 years after the termination of the previous tenancy for:

Updated 3/17.

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