Endorsements for June 2018 Elections

Make JANE KIM and MARK LENO your top picks for Mayor!

This mayoral race could decide the fate of renters for years to come. Jane Kim has been with us for almost every vote as Supervisor. She worked with us to write and pass Eviction Protections 2.0, which resulted in an immediate drop in frivolous eviction attempts and allows tenants to add more roommates to help pay the rent. We continue to endorse her for her efforts to protect tenants as we have in the past.

Our other top choice Mark Leno brings statewide experience and diplomatic skills that could be critical as Sacramento seeks to force one-size-fits-all solutions to housing production on our city. Leno is the ONLY elected official who managed to pass limits on the Ellis act at the state level. He did not support the discriminatory, anti-homeless Sit/Lie laws or the tent ban. First and foremost, he will work to keep tenants in their homes.

On the issues most important to us, both candidates SUPPORT:

·       Robust regulation of Airbnb to keep rental stock for permanent residents rather than tourists

·       A universal Right to Counsel for tenants facing eviction

·       Full repeal of Costa Hawkins and extension of rent control to units built after 1979

·       Creation of a Public Bank to allow the city to take more rental units off of the speculative market

·       Revisiting local solutions to stop Ellis Act speculation

You can see why we could not choose one over the other! Whomever your first choice may be for ranked choice voting, we believe it is imperative to VOTE FOR BOTH in the one and two spots.


Rafael Mandelman for Supervisor in District 8

Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park Neighbhorhoods

If you live in District 8, you should know that Mandelman has been a champion of tenant rights for many years, and a long time supporter of past Tenants Union efforts like the Anti-Speculation Tax in 2014. Once elected, Mandelman promises to do everything he can to stop evictions. His opponent was appointed by Mayor Lee and has chosen to side with developers, the police association, and to water down tenant protections to appease the landlord lobby. This district seat will be a critical one for the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors between those politicians who vote for tenants vs. corporate and landlord interests.

Major Tenant Protections will be on June Ballot!

Turn out to Vote for Right to Counsel

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that our measure for No Eviction without Representation qualified for the ballot early with 20,000 signatures- over double the number we needed! This measure ensures a right to a lawyer for any tenant being evicted in SF. It is not income based and it doesn’t matter the type of case. New York passed something similar last year, and evictions have already dropped by 25% there.

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