Housing Survey

The San Francisco Planning Department is still undertaking a study of its existing housing stock, which includes a survey of city residents. (This survey was first posted on December 14, 2017.) The survey is at: It should take most respondents 7-10 minutes to complete. Respondents can take the survey in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Pilipino. If you live in San Francisco, please take a few minutes to complete the survey and consider distributing it to your network. We are particularly interested in reaching residents who may be less likely to take online surveys due to lack of access to the internet, unstable housing situations, or other barriers.

To give you some background, the Planning Department has hired AECOM and Andrea Baker Consultants to undertake a comprehensive survey of San Franciscans in order to better understand how the city’s housing stock meets their needs. This survey is part of a broader research project undertaken by Department staff to study San Francisco’s existing housing stock, including its different types and characteristics and who it serves at various levels of affordability. This survey will complement the Department’s analysis of data from the Census and other sources in order understand the trade-offs that households make when choosing housing, the vulnerability experienced by different types of households, and other important questions. The study will generate a deeper understanding of the city’s housing that will allow staff to develop a strategy to preserve affordability and curb displacement.