Private Transit Vehicle Program: Summary of Feedback

On Friday, December 22, 2017, 10:54:37 AM PST, SFMTA Municipal Transportation Agency wrote:

Dear San Francisco Neighbors and Stakeholders,

Thank you to everyone who came out to the meeting last Tuesday, December 12th to discuss the private transit vehicle (PTV) route duplication criteria and who provided feedback outside the meeting. We know it can be difficult to come downtown on a weeknight for such a technical topic, so we appreciate everyone who showed up as well as all the comments we received separately by email. We wanted to give a quick summary of the feedback we received and talk about next steps.

Much of the feedback we received concerned larger questions about PTVs. Some attendees pointed out issues with PTVs stopping in illegal locations or idling in residential neighborhoods. We also heard concerns about permit fees, accessibility, congestion, and the potential for PTVs to reduce public transit ridership. Many attendees also provided feedback on route duplication, with some questioning whether there should be a prohibition on PTV routes duplicating Muni service at all, and others advocating for eliminating the “grandfather clause” for existing PTV routes.

While the SFMTA Board has already approved this program, including the requirement that any new PTV routes not duplicate existing Muni service, we are committed to addressing these issues as much as possible. As part of the permit process, the SFMTA is working to get existing routes in compliance with San Francisco’s parking and traffic laws by moving routes off of weight-restricted streets and moving any stops that are currently in illegal locations to legal curb space. We also heard a desire for the public to be notified if a PTV operator is planning new routes, so we are working on putting together public notification procedures.

Staff will continue working on revising the route duplication criteria then bring them back to the SFMTA Board as an informational item in the next couple months. In the same timeframe, the Board of Supervisors is expected to consider legislation prohibiting the operation of PTVs and other “non-standard vehicles” without a permit. Most importantly, this is designed to be a living program – the SFMTA will closely monitor the impact of these regulations once they go into effect and will consider changes moving forward if aspects of the program aren’t working as intended.

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