Strengthen Rent Control by Repealing Costa-Hawkins Law

We are at a historic moment for housing justice. 

A few weeks ago over 400 renters, organizers, and advocates met from all over the state and strategized how to build an unstoppable statewide movement for Housing Justice and against gentrification.

Cities all over the state are organizing to pass rent control as the affordability crisis continues to spread across the state. Though our communities are different, we are all limited by the Costa Hawkins, a state law that keeps us from passing the protections we need. Right now, we have a unique opportunity to fight together and win big changes that will help all of us. Tenant advocates are cautiously optimistic about Costa Hawkins repeal.

What is Costa Hawkins?

The Costa Hawkins rental housing act of 1995 is a bill that was written by big real estate to weaken rent control. Costa Hawkins stops San Francisco (and every other community in California) from having rent control in single family homes, condominiums and buildings built after 1979, or from limiting rent increases when tenants move out, or get evicted. This law is the reason we can’t limit how high the rents go in San Francisco, or anywhere in the state for these types of buildings. This year, a bill was finally introduced to repeal Costa Hawkins (AB1506), but it hasn’t moved forward for a vote.

Call in Action: San Francisco legislators should stand up for rent control!

  •  Call David Chiu (916) 319-2017 or email
    • “Hello, I’m _______. May I speak to Assemblymember Chiu? I’m calling from San Francisco to say that the rents are TOO HIGH. We demand that you prioritize and do everything in your power to make sure that AB1506 passes through your committee and onto the assembly for a floor vote unamended!”
  • Call Phil Ting: (916) 319-2019
    • “Hello, I’m _______. May I speak with Assemblymember Ting? I’m calling from San Francisco to say that we need to take a stand on rising rents, and demand a full repeal of Costa Hawkins. Can the assembly member sign onto AB 1506 the bill as a co-author?”
  • Add your own story about you, or your friends and community members being displaced. If it’s from a single family home, a newer building, or due to speculation on a rent-controlled apartment, make sure to mention that.