Gus Vardakastanis, A Community Hero

Members of the San Francisco Tenants Union have shopped at Gus Vardakastanis‘s market on Haight for years, so we know about his big heart and mourn his death. He donated food to our fundraiser as well as for the dinners for the homeless youths in the Haight.

One of the Tenants Union members forgot her wallet one day. She was told to repay next time. When she went back to repay the next time, they pulled out a stack of receipts inches high of people who had loans from the store. Has Safeway or Whole Foods ever done this? Whole Foods fought to stop the expansion of the small market to a larger but still small market on the grounds that there would be traffic congestion since there’s no parking. Well, we walk to Gus’s on Haight (2/3 mile) since it’s our community store, which supports us.