Success! Kirkham Project Redevelopment Cancelled

Westlake Kirkham Heights LLC has withdrawn its application at the SF Planning Department for a Conditional Use Permit to demolish 11 buildings with 86 rent-controlled residential units, and replace them with 14 buildings containing up to 445 apartments. “There are a lot of projects in our pipeline and we just had to prioritize the projects, essentially, and so we decided not to move forward with this one,” said Westlake’s Jeffrey Bak.

“It was a total surprise,” said tenant, Roger Hofmann. “The most important thing is that we wouldn’t be ‘temporarily’ displaced for three years. Denis Mosgofian is a member of the Mount Sutra Kirkham Heights Neighbors (MSKHN) organization, which was opposed to the scale of the project. “From our point of view, any development at that site would have to, in some way or another, take into consideration the plan that we and the architectural and design firm Urban Ecology developed as appropriate for the site. Their proposal decided to gouge out a mountainside in order to fit a maximum profit-making enterprise development,” he said. “You fit a proposed development to the environment, not destroy the environment in order to maximize your gain.”