SF Association of Realtors Backs London Breed

The end of this YouTube video shows how the San Francisco Association of Realtors backs San Francisco Supervisor London Breed. The video also claims Breed is backed by recyclists/nurses/LGBT but the Sierra Club, California Nurses Association and Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club have all endorsed Breed’s opponent, tenant champion Dean Preston.

Dean Preston for District 5 Supervisor!
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Since 1971, the San Francisco Tenants Union has been fighting for the rights of tenants and for the preservation of affordable housing in San Francisco. The Tenants Union is volunteer led and membership supported. Membership contributions and counseling donations enables our advocacy to be uncompromising and not influenced by pressures from government or other funders. We are a 501(c)(4) since we campaign for political candidates. We seek to build a base of tenants throughout the city to establish a political power to create change.

Join the Tenants Union today to help support on going efforts to protect and expand affordable housing in the city. Your membership helps keep the clinic going and drives our advocacy.

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Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a data-visualization, data analysis, and digital storytelling collective documenting the dispossession of San Francisco Bay Area residents in the wake of the Tech Boom 2.0. We seek to create tools that contribute to collective resistance, and that can be used by diverse communities in movement building.

Utilizing maps and digital storytelling, we strive to make the often obscured mechanisms of material, cultural, and affective displacement palpable. We see the eviction epidemic as endemic to a political economy built to privilege corporate interests of real estate and tech, and seek to contribute to a living archive that deconstructs corporate collusion.

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Drop-In Tenants’ Rights Counseling Clinic

The Tenants Union operates a peer-to-peer, volunteer led drop-in counseling clinic for members and nonmembers. Since the Tenants Union is a membership-supported organization, we ask that new tenants become members of the Tenants Union. Members receive a copy of our Tenants Rights Handbook and access to phone counseling. If you do not join, we ask that you make a donation when you come in (but no one is turned away for lack of funds).

Hours for the clinic include daytime, evening and weekend hours. Since the actual hours can vary each week, tenants should check our drop-in schedule or call 415-282-6622 right before coming for the schedule. Counselors are trained to answer virtually any question regarding your rights as a tenant or sub-tenant. Please bring in all your paperwork (notices, letters, rental agreement, etc.).

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Tenants Rights Handbook

The San Francisco Tenants Union publishes the definitive handbook on tenants rights with annual updates. The 17th Edition (2015) of the Tenants Rights Handbook,  is available to members only. The handbook contains comprehensive information on the law, strategies, and resources for tenant rights in San Francisco.

The Tenants Rights Handbook is a resource to help tenants know their rights and advocate for themselves. Being able to articulate your rights to landlords and politicians helps to assert tenant power in San Francisco.

We encourage you to become a member of the San Francisco Tenants Union and offer the handbook as a tool for tenant self-empowerment and self-determination.

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The Tenants Union is 100% behind Dean Preston as the ONLY CHOICE for District 5. Founder and leader of Tenants Together, California’s only statewide tenant organization, Dean helped save rent control in California, wrote laws to protect tenants from eviction during foreclosure, created a renters’ rights hotline, and led statewide battles against Ellis Act evictions. […]


San Francisco Supervisor London Breed received $10,000 from a donor who backs Republicans. Breed is in a close race for reelection this November against pro-tenant Dean Preston as the donations show.

Vote No on Proposition O

Bottom Line: The Lennar Prop M Exemption Initiative is a bad idea. This last minute initiative continues a legacy of broken promises for jobs, housing and parks. There is nothing in Proposition O that makes sure new promises are achieved. Please Vote No on Prop O until there are clear and measurable commitments for jobs, […]


The 260 acres bounded by Market, 2nd, Townsend and 6th Streets will be undergoing major redevelopment including converting residential property to office property. The redevelopment is supposedly going to “support” preserving the rent-controlled units and the tenants in them (see page 28).

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