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San Francisco Rent Board
25 Van Ness Ave., Ste. 320 

San Francisco, CA 94102-6033 

(415) 252-4600 

(415) 252-4602 (counseling) 

(415) 252-4699 (fax)

This site contains the full text of the San Francisco
Rent Ordinance and news on recent changes. A very useful resource.

Eviction Defense Collaborative
If you get a summnons and complaint for unlawfule detairner, bring it here.

Small Claims and Other Courts Self Help
Information on filing lawsuits yourself and doing legal research etc.

California State Laws

Includes Civil Codes and Code of Civil Procedure. Here's where you can get copies of security deposit laws, etc.

San Francisco City Codes
All the local laws—Planning Code, Subdivision Code, Administrative Code, etc. Note that the Rent Control law and regulations can be accessed via the Rent Board site (above).

San Francisco City Web Site

To access all city departments, including Department of Building Inspection, Planning Department, Board of Permit Appeals, Board of Supervisors, Mayor et

Property Information
Find Out Landlord's Address
This link to the Assesor's office lets you see information on your property, including the mailing address on file with the city, the year it was built (in most cases), the number of units and other information.

Subdivision Tracking System
See if your building has been converted to condominiums or where it's at in the process.

Building Permits & Housing Code Complaints
Dept. of Building Inspection Information
This link will give you the DBI records on a property, including any building permits and records of violations.

FTC Landlord Credit Reports
Requirements for landlord listings of tenant evictions, credit data on tenant credit reports

Parkmerced Residents Organization

For tenants at Parkmerced

Nolo Press

Excellent selection of self-help law publications, such as California Tenants Rights, Using Small Claims Court, Legal Research, and more.

National Housing Law Project
Good resource for federal housing law: Section 8, fair housing, etc


Resources Outside of San Francisco:

Tenants Together

California's statewide tenant advocacy organization. Has extensive links to other local organizations and resources. Click here for directory of tenant organizations throughout California if you are looking for services in your community.

Causa Justa:Just Cause

3463 San Pablo Avenue (at the California Hotel), Oakland, CA 94608
Tenants’ Rights Clinic Phone: 510.TENANTS (510.836.2687)

Berkeley Rent Board