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Mayor Appoints Big-Money-Friendly Julie Christensen for Supervisor for District 3

Mayor Ed Lee shows where he stands with the big money such as investor Ron Conway of Airbnb, who was a major backer of Prop 98 that would have ended rent control statewide for California.

Loss of Housing for Blacks in San Francisco

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a partner of the San Francisco Tenants Union, has released a map showing the loss of the black population in the SF Bay Area in the last 40 years. Racism is a tool and effect of gentrification.

Buyouts of Tenants Are Regulated

The San Francisco Supervisors in a 7/4 vote (Breed, Farrell, Tang, Wiener opposing) approved groundbreaking legislation from Supervisor David Campos which will stop the speculators from using buyouts to get around prohibitions on condo conversions and other tenant protections. Mayor Lee declined to veto the legislation.
•Requires buyouts to be filed and registered with the San Francisco Rent Board.
•Imposes the same condo conversion prohibitions as for no-fault evictions when a tenant has vacated under a buyout agreement after October 31, 2014.
•Requires landlords to notify tenants of their rights (in a form developed by the Rent Board) prior to negotiating a buyout.
•Gives tenants the right to rescind a buyout for 45 days after signing the agreement.

Airbnb Legislation Summary

Legislation that hurts tenants was approved.

Ellis Act Eviction Payment Ruling Appeal Starts February 26, 2015

Ellis Act evictions, starting June 2, 2014, required the landlord to pay the displaced tenants the difference in rent for two years as calculated by the San Francisco Rent Board. This law has been overruled in Levin v. City and County of San Francisco. The landlords claimed that the payment of 4.7% of the estimated profit to the tenant was an unconstitutional "taking" of the property by the city. Defense arguments were raised by the San Francisco City Attorney which will appeal the ruling. Judge Breyer indicated during oral argument that landlords who have already paid the Campos relocation are free to pursue the City for reimbursement.

Former SF Tenants Union Director Ted Gullicksen Remembered as a Tenant Hero at Crowded Memorial

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San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition

The San Francisco Tenants Union is a part of the San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition (SFADC) which was formed in 2013 to address the wave of evictions and landlord harassment forcing thousands from their homes and neighborhoods. The SFADC has actions and workshops for tenants.


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